Metropolitan Solutions

Improving the quality of life in cities




Solutions for urban expansion

Our fast urbanising world is facing challenges to find sustainable solutions for issues on climate, health and liveability, circularity and food security.

‘Metropolitan solutions’ provide you with approaches to improve the quality of life in cities, that have been successfully implemented and accompanied by success and fail factors.


Real world stories

Inspiring narratives of cases that have sucessfully improved city living.

Societal functions of urban green

Utrecht’s specific features challenge its city planners to develop green urban areas. The municipality recognizes the increasing pressure on the living environment by a multitude of functions, resulting in air pollution, stress by noise, soil sealing, flooding and heat islands.

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Stedelijke as Veldhoven

De gemeente Veldhoven maakt deel uit van Metropoolregio Eindhoven, bestuurlijke samenwerking tussen 21 gemeenten in het zuidoosten van de provincie Noord-Brabant.

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Een nieuwe agenda voor het Haagse Groen

Den Haag groeit en door de toenemende bevolking en het bijbehorende ruimtebeslag komt de leefkwaliteit in het algemeen en het groen in het bijzonder soms onder druk te staan.

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Planning climate resilient suburbs in Dosquebradas, Colombia

Dosquebradas is located on the bottom of a basin and is surrounded by steep sloping mountains. Due to this position Dosquebradas is vulnerable to flash floods and landslides after tropical storms.

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Mapping cross border co‑operation potential in West Africas

West Africa’s population is growing rapidly and is expected to continue doing so over the next two generations. This will result in more and larger cities where cross‑border interaction will increase naturally regardless of the level of support from national and regional policy.

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The case of Almere

Almere has hardly any relation with its agricultural fringe. Its food comes from everywhere and not necessarily out of the region. This fuels the thinking about food security in a more urban and regional perspective.

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In 2050, 70% of mankind will live in cities. As a result, issues surrounding sustainability and quality of life for those cities become increasingly urgent.


Available instruments

Methods, data and guidance on developing and implementing sustainable solutions.

Population Potential

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Opgaand Groen

How high are trees and bushes in the Netherlands? Opgaand Groen displays all the upward green, higher than 2.5 meters, in a raster map with a resolution of 2.5×2.5 meters.


By analyzing satellite data from Alterra, Groenmonitor measures the amount of green on the surface. This data provides valuable information on biomass and grow rates.


AVANAR spatially determines the opportunities for outdoor reaction and matches them with the local demand while taking the environment into account.


A series of high resolution mapping datasets, combined with night light intensity data is used to derive a Metropolitan Urban Sprawl Indicator.

Sketch ’n Match

The objective of the Sketch ’n Match is to find new solutions for a complex spatial task, to create support and to put the process into motion.


Quickscan is een fantastische tool om in te zetten bij problemen.


Smart City Solutions

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